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Is it Neo-Expressionism Art, or is it Post-Movement Art?

Sunyata is one of Australian art’s early adopters of Neo-Expressionism, Sunyata prefers to call it Post-movement Art. As an eclectic artist, he is totally free. Using rare juxtapositions and a fusion of complex life experiences and relationships between inanimate and strange bestial forms, with accents and emotions fused with hints of politics, culture, history, art history and his own spiritual journey. These works are provocative and cryptic, and the meanings may occur to you weeks later.

Sunyata’s wonderment spans over a complete life. So, to call it a ‘career’ would make it cheap!

Sunyata started in South Australia and is in the home of collectors in the USA, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, UK, Netherlands, France, India and throughout Australia. His life is emersed in visual art in the form of paintings, sculpture, intaglio printmaking, as well as guitar, music composition and writing. He now lives in Cairns, QLD.

Sydney Nolan, Gareth Sansom, Picasso, PNG, Rauschenberg and Indian art! There is no art form that Sunyata has not loved and drawn inspiration from.

Sunyata’s art is a colourful, thought-provoking impact on the senses and our emotions…a style that is very much his own. Once you know his art, you can recognise the unique style and expression that is Sunyata.

‘This Abstract Formal way of throwing disparate forms together, l picked up early from, dare l say, Mr Squiggle and Gareth Sansom, who still remains one of my favourite elder Artists! It’s in the freedom of catching on to something, or even just getting something down and going from there, rather than a more ‘visionary’ approach! This is a constructivist way of building and pushing conflicting conceptual matter!’


‘l find it so interesting that no matter how random the forms or elements one chooses, or finds, they might correlate or not, and yet somehow, the narrative comes through; it comes together!

The apperception of the child to perceive is vaster than the ability to put into words and conform. Not to discredit the many means of learning but in deeper recognition of them all!’

Sunyata assumes that Mentation and Communication are a means of measurement, and the inner world and outer world both need to be encouraged to be mapped out for each Self freely. 

‘A child may stumble and struggle at times with words and maths and reading and drawing, but this is not the point. Each pool of inherent genius of means to meaning, ultimately, opens up in every child the opportunity to be ‘brilliant’, ‘inspired’ (loving what they can do), and/or, at least, a questioning and contentious Adult, which is equally as good.


There is too much haste in making ways of Being, second nature (non-critical action), the modus operandi for life! Too many young people leave school feeling they never want to ‘think’ again. Wonderment, dreaming, thinking things out, sometimes even hitting a wall. The Mind loves to solve problems, and painting is a perfect way to ‘throw the dog a bone’, and the Self just loves to Be.’

Sunyata says that is in everything we do!!



of Sunyata

Art is not just an annex tact onto the side of one’s life, but a constant coil that runs back to the first Conscious recognition of an identity identifying something. Something that we are and we are not, and the gap in between and maybe beyond. Often, you will see in my work a man with a snake tail, and this represents Time. This is me.

I once had an acquaintance who coined the term, perhaps sardonically, the Autobiomythology of Sunyata. This is a reasonable way of describing my Art. I think it better to call it the Autobiomythography of Sunyata. Art is the closest thing to immortality and a good way of telling…

This openness to expose the mind or thought could be deemed as childish! On another level, it could be thought as dangerous because the subject matter isn’t necessarily the Self. 


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As a child, I could be Napoleon or transform the small body into a giant winged B52, or a super sleuth and even God, calling the  fates of the insect world below him, meeting a grim, rather rapid end! Any of these could be a calling in life, in fact, my father asked me at the age of 10 what I would be when I grew up. I said an Artist or a Minister (meaning to be of service to others). It, also, occurred to me, even then, that these two life courses were diametrically opposite.  

Language and concepts, exposure, wonderment…. but Vision is the greatest catalyst! The young being might jump from idea to idea, but the general field is in that ‘that l am’….The Beingness sees itself complete! 

Drawing holds the greatest of magical powers. These worlds don’t even need to have a body for absolute continuity, just a note is enough to
re-enter later. The keys and locks had been shown to me early enough that it was right for me to come and go, as I wished!

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Australian Art is being bought by overseas collectors who have an interest in Australian Artists unique perspectives, stories and styles.  They are hungry for what we have here in Australia. Sunyata wants to be part of a movement that makes buying Australian Art as much part of psyche as going to the pub. Australia has one of the most accessible Art communities in the world and collecting art can be for everyone.

Sunyata believes that buying art is an empowering expression of yourself and who you are. He says:

People need to open their eyes and look for what they don’t know, and perhaps for something they like but they don’t know why. It’s about embellishing their house with properties of your own empowerment, because art has that too. It’s about personal empowerment. It’s in the content of the artwork. 

When you take a piece of art home you enhance your environment, bringing your take on the Artists expression in your space on your terms – this is where art is empowering. Sunyata believes that everyone should live with art, as art belongs to everyone. He has painted over 16,000 pieces of art. Some pieces have taken as many as 30 years to complete. Some of his art is gentle and subtle, whilst other pieces are confrontational and challenging. Whatever you choose, Sunyata wants you to love it, be inspired by it and enjoy it every day.

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